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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun Oct 14 21:49:17 CDT 2007

Scott Elliott writes:
"I know we all talk about the "educational value" of mpj and can ALL bring up the bugaboo of rogue judges. When I coached for Florida State University, J and PJ lost CEDA NATIONALS on a 5-4 decision. The swing vote? A Judge who voted on topicality even though Jarman and his partner kicked T in the 1NR; but the judge felt it was his duty to vote against a non-topical case regardless of the negative team's strat."
So?  Steve Hunt voted against you all because you weren't whole rez even though Jarman began the 2NR with "We won't be going for whole rez.  They meet.  They are the whole resolution."  Put it behind you...  Get over it...  It was almost 20 frikkin years ago...  
That wasn't the worst decision on that panel: at least Hunt voted the right way.  Four frikkin geniusses lost their way completely.  It should have been a 9-0 for SMS: you all couldn't and didn't answer "advertising employs people. lying attorney ads still employ people who make and show the deceptive ads and who work as assistants for the lying lawyers, unemployment kills.  that outweighs the hurt feelings of a few lied-to schmucks.  vote neg."  Not rocket science there, swampy!
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