[eDebate] Opportunities available -- tab and MPJ related

Ross Smith smithr
Mon Oct 15 12:42:30 CDT 2007

1) There will be a session at our tournament's (un)conference on 
tournament tab management. Gary Larson and I will both participate along 
with, at a minimum, the person who is selected for item 2 below. In 
fact, the design of the (un)conference allows there to be more than one 
session and for the topics to be as natrrow or broad as the interests of 
the participants.

2) "Help wanted." Our tournament will work to mentor (work with Gary 
Larson and me through the weekend and beyond) one person who meets (or 
is closest to meeting) the following qualifications:
a) Interested in and committed to learning more about tournament 
tabulation and doing tournament tabulation in a variety of situations 
including major national tournaments (required).
b) Willing and interested in documenting (creating user manual and help 
files) tab software, especially Larson's version of STA, but also the 
automated judge placement methods Larson's algorithms use, even as they 
may be plugged into other programs like the TRPC/TRM (required).
c) Experienced in tab management (highly desired).
d) Knowledgable in tab and judge placement principles and procedures, 
interested in the "why" as well as the "how." (highly desired)
e) Programming skill (not an absolute requirement, but the more the 
f) Able to be at Wake beginning Thursday night through at least most of 

The purpose of this is
1) To seek and help groom people who might someday "fill the shoes" of 
folks like Rich Edwards, Gary Larson, and Jon Bruschke. We have been 
blessed by fortune. We need to be deliberate and forward looking.
2) To help people with the near term practical need for more skilled tab 
managers. There is many a tournament, large and small, that needs help. 
Some even pay well!
3) To make tab software more accessible through documentation and better 
user manuals.

"Compensation" is negotiable (but do not look for much or any actual 
cash). If the person is with a team entered, we can count the service as 
rounds of judging. If some help with travel or housing is needed we may 
be able to solve that. Food and coffee provided.

Let me know of your interest via email.

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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