[eDebate] Clarion tournament

James Lyle jrlyle
Tue Oct 16 12:01:07 CDT 2007

A few things:

1 - We have added a Saturday night banquet thanks to some help from our
President so we can feed you more without costing you more.

2 - I know many programs have not yet registered and I would appreciate it
if people could (a) register now, or (b) at least email me with an expected
head count.  As a new tournament, we do not have recent years to use a guide
for catering/etc.  Although you will have time to make changes, the better
the info we can relay to folks on our end the better it will be for you when
you arrive.  Also, make sure you notify us of vegetarian/vegan needs.

3 - Don't forget why you should want to come: 2 lunches and a dinner,
beautiful fall weather and changing leaves, TRAVELING TROPHIES for division
champions, nice awards for top speakers, reasonable hotel rates, reasonable
entry fees, we're a new tournament, Wake qualifiying!

4 - If there is anything we can do to make things easier for you to come,
let us know as soon as you can.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on the 26th.

Jim Lyle
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