[eDebate] Attention Schools and Teams going to Baylor.....

Justin Green jmgreen
Tue Oct 16 14:11:03 CDT 2007

Many of the teams attending Baylor have not uploaded the most recent
version of their affirmative, please update your new advantages, etc.
This stops everyone from having the most productive debate experience

The teams below have already travelled to debate tournaments, yet no
information appears on wikispaces.  If you are not a member of
opencaselist.wikispaces.com and would like to be one, please ask - I
am confident you will get a response within the day.  You may also
send an outline of the 1ac and the plan text to me, and I will gladly
post it for you. If you debated with someone else last time, please
put up the affirmative you already ran.

The following teams attending do not have an affirmative up:
BAYLOR teams (a newer aff about ethics, apologies and naval cbms? at
Mo State)UNT PV (Varizi's Aff run earlier)
UT (several teams)
Tx State albrecht and long
Trinity Sheppard and Jones

Darren Elliot as a tournament director of KCK last weekend required
that all teams post their information before he would count their pref
sheets.  We ask not as a tournament adminsitrator, but as a fellow
competitor to please post your information.


Justin Green

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