[eDebate] Vandy Tournament Announcements

Mike Davis davismk13
Tue Oct 16 15:42:29 CDT 2007

Several things:

1. Entry is now closed. Any changes you wish to make from here on out should
be sent directly to me.
2. We will be using an ABC preference system for all divisions. We will not
be able to give strikes. The preference sheet will be available midday
3. We can use any extra judging you might have. If you are willing to donate
or be hired for additional debates the tournament would appreciate it and it
will improve our preferences greatly. If you know anyone in the area who is
willing to judge that would help as well.
4. I am to Nashville traveling Thursday evening through Friday afternoon so
I will not be available via e-mail during that time.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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