[eDebate] **Baylor Tournament Updates**

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Wed Oct 17 11:10:40 CDT 2007

Hey folks, we are looking forward to seeing you all in a few days...there are a couple of announcements relative to the tournament that I thought I would share....
1) as per JGreen's request, please make sure that you have updated your caselist information on the wiki, or at least make sure it is available in some format before the tournament
2) Judges-- post your philosophies on the Bruschke site....there are still a few offenders (hopefully none of the Baylor people, I will douoble-check)
3) Prefs-- please finalize your judging info on the Bruschke site. I will close the entries and activate the prefs at approximately noon on Thursday, October 18th. 
4) Weather looks good....70s-80s.....
See you in Waco!
~The Baylor Bears
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