[eDebate] West Point Tournament Update #2

kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Wed Oct 17 18:05:13 CDT 2007

Prefs are now open for all divisions of the 40th Annual West Point
Debate Tournament!

We will be using a A+, A, B+, not preferred system.  Debateresults is
calibrated for the novice division so the number for other divisions
will be off (the counter will not be accurate for the other divisions)
so follow the directions below.

Regardless of what debateresults says please use the following
breakdown for prefs:

Novice: 30 A+, 25 A, 20 B+, 5 not preferred
JV: 18 A+, 18 A, 12 B+, 5 not preferred
Open: 17 A+, 17 A, 12B+, 5 not preferred

Prefs are due at 10pm Thursday October 18.  Any late prefs will not be
in effect until round 3.

If there are any changes please email Christy or I
(Christy.Webster at gmail.com; KathrynRubino at gmail.com) directly or
contact us by cell (207.576.6453; 917.771.9314).  On the day of the
tournament you should contact the Tab Room at (845) 938-7503 as cell
phones do not work in our academic facility.

Feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

Kathryn & Christy

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