[eDebate] Loss of a Debate Icon - Admiral Crowe

Daniel Overbey dan.debate
Fri Oct 19 07:15:20 CDT 2007

Admiral Crowe, a 1947 Naval Academy graduate, the founder of the Navy Debate
Team, former Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff, former Ambassador to the
Court of St. James, and a mentor to a long line of good students and junior
faculty members (because I was one of those junior faculty members, I
specified that the STUDENTS were good...), passed away yesterday after a
heart attack at age 82...

Admiral Crowe was a continuous advocate for debate, both at USNA and beyond,
and was proud to make the case to anyone that would listen that debate was
the single best activity a student could engage in.  He once said to me
(paraphrasing), "I have never seen a Naval officer have to make a free throw
to save his career, or to save lives, but I have seen MANY military officers
who needed to make a compelling argument to do one or both."

A tip of the hat to the memory of a great man, and a great American.  Please
keep the Navy debaters that Admiral Crowe touched in your hearts and minds.

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