[eDebate] 2007 Heart of Texas - judges on strike cards for quarters

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Sat Oct 20 21:28:37 CDT 2007

Heart of Texas 2007 
Judges for the Quarterfinal  Round 
Judge Report Time: 8:30 AM 
Round Start Time: 9:30 AM 
Debates on Second Floor of  the Westin in Salon F, D, E, A 
Tim Alderete                           Meadows 
Thad Blank                             Carrollton Sacred Heart 
Josh  Branson                           St. Mark?s 
Josh Gonzalez                         Groves 
Malcolm Gordon                     Barstow 
Mike Greenstein                      New Trier 
Adam Grellinger                     Chattahoochee 
Aimee Hamraie                       Colleyville Heritage 
David Heidt                            Westminster 
Jenny  Heidt                             Westminster 
James  Herndon                       Chattahoochee 
Blake Johnson                         Kinkaid 
Roy Levkowitz                       Woodward 
Calum Matheson                     Glenbrook South 
Tracy  McFarland                     Jesuit  College  Prep 
Eric Oddo                               New Trier 
Martin Osborne                       Missouri  State 
Jonathan  Paul                          Greenhill 
Scott Phillips                           Pace 
Robbie Quinn                          New Trier 
Varsha Ramakrishnan             Stratford 
Jim Schultz                              West Georgia 
Nicole  Serrano                        Montgomery Bell 
Greta Stahl                              Michigan  State 

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