[eDebate] Pepperdine elim announcements

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Sat Oct 20 23:24:55 CDT 2007

Elim announcements

Side assignments: The tab room will toss a coin.  Heads will mean all odd seeds are aff, tails will mean all even seeds are aff.  Sides will be indicated on the pairings that are released at 8:00am.  If you have debated before, switch sides.  If the teams mutually agree, sides may be switched.  Please determine final sides no later than 8:30am. 

ALL rounds will be in the CCB (the first right-hand turn AFTER the Appleby center)

Clearing Teams in open (teams with asterisk will debate at 9:00am, the rest bye to the Quarters):

Cal BR
Cal GP
* Gonz HP
* Gonzo MS
Redlands IM
Stanford GP
Whitman DW
Whitman MS
Whitman SS

Whitman DW and Whitman MS close out

Clearing Teams in JV (all debate at 9:00am):

Idaho FR
Stanford BW
Whitman IW

Clearing teams in novice (all debate at 9:00am):

Chico BP
Chico HW
Fullerton SW
Southwestern LP
Chico BP closed out against Chico RW

Judges used for the 9:00am debate:  Stables, Richendrfr, Hanson, Meiches, Hardy, Mills, Pastrana, Odekirk, Pang, Fiori, Bell, Albiniak, Linsey, Brown, Kelsey, Holland, Straight, Montes.

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