[eDebate] West Point Results through Quarters

Christy Webster christy.webster
Sun Oct 21 14:45:02 CDT 2007

Semis started at 3pm for all three divisions. Thanks to everyone for
coming. Please travel home safely.

Novice Speakers

1. Austin Woodruff Liberty
2. Caitlin Brophy Bing
3. Patrick Willis NYU
4. Matthew Torsiello Bing
5. Marnie Ritchis UVM
6. Timothy Kleiser Liberty
7. Jaclyn Abrams Cornell
8. Matt Sullivan NYU
9. Radley Glasser Bard
10. Pete Groth Bing

JV Speakers

1. Jeff White Liberty
2. Maryam Belly Bing
3. Grace Woodson Liberty
4. Andrea Passantino Bing
5. Beth Wehler Lafayette
6. Ross Garrett Liberty
7. Ross Saxton Bard
8. Chandler Smith Liberty
9. Ben Hagwood Liberty
10. Dan Himmelstein Cornell

Open Speakers

1. Buddy Khan Rocheser (for the second year in a row!)
2. Vinay Prabhu Cornell
3. Michael Stark WVU
4. Mike Dickerson Bard
5. Ashlee Vega CUNY-Baruch
6. Julian Letton Bard
7. Matt Malia  Bing
8. Ben Crossan Bing
9. Joe Chicvak Richmond
10. Sebestian Rodriguez Bing

Open Outround Results

Partial Octos
Vermont KK defeats Bing CO 2-1
Bing RW advances over Bing CT

Bard CD defeats Bing RW 2-1
Bard HL defeats Vermont KK 3-0
Rochester KM defeats Bing GM 3-0
Richmond CS defeats Cornell PP 3-0

Semis Pairing
Richmond CS vs Bard CD Register, Keeton, Farmer
Rochester KM vs Bard HL Stanescu, Diggs, Keenan

JV Outround Results

Partial Octos
Towson MP defeats Bing BP 3-0
NYU AC defeats Lafayette DD 2-1
Lafayette GW defeats Towson BM 3-0
Bard SV defeats Miami GM 3-0

Liberty ST defeats Bard SV 2-1
Lafayette GW defeats Liberty FW 2-1
NYU AC defeats Cornell HP 3-0
Towson MP defeats Liberty GW 3-0

Semis Pairing
Lafayette GW vs NYU AC Heather Hall, Nix, Skinner
Towson MP vs Liberty ST Miller, Johnson, Boyer

Novice Outround Results

Liberty KW defeats UMass-Amherst KL 3-0
Bing GT defeats Cornell CK 3-0
Liberty MP defeats BC SW 2-1
USNA SS defeats Miami LM 3-0
Bing BT defeats Cornell LR 3-0
Vermont HR defeats NYU LW 3-0
Bing QS defeats Bard BG 3-0
Liberty BK defeats Cornell AC 2-1

Liberty BK advances over Liberty KW
Bing GT advances over Bing QS
Vermont HR defeats Liberty MP 2-1
Bing BT defeats USNA SS 3-0

Semis Pairing
Bing GT vs Vermont HR Ayers, Beard, Nagy
Liberty KW vs Bing BT Gunther, Davis, Colston



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