[eDebate] Motor City Classic--Teams Clearing & Notes

Kelly Young kel1773
Sun Oct 21 20:00:00 CDT 2007

*Please check tournament packet for directions for Elimination Rounds. Directions will take you to a service drive to unload right next to the Student Center. Parking will be in either the guest structures (they'll say you can't park 15-passenger vans in them, but we do all the time) or some of the guest lots near the student center. Please do NOT park on the street--the city enforces parking meters like crazy.

*No food from us tomorrow, but tons of food options available in Student Center.

*For wireless in SC, use same codes you received at registration.


ISU Bretthauer & Lawson 4
MSU Bashaw & Gliniecki 5
MSU Gjerpen & Klante 5
MSU Hammond & Schirmer 5
MSU Lai & Murray 8
MSU MS Mehling & Shore 6
Minnesota Hason & Oxborough 4
UNI Beier & Bonitto 4
Northwestern Hammervold & Xanttopoulos 5
Weber State Cheeck & Dawson 6

Illinois Haim & Ranz 5
Minnesota Joyce & Tourville 5
Minnesota Menssen & Pothapragada 5
Dearborn Nierman & Walker 3

Clarion Shokhba & Zachar 5
Clarion Sturtz & Swanlek 6
Miami Devenport & Morehead 3
UNI Mischel & Schupick 5

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