[eDebate] Motor City Debates Elim Pairings

Neil Butt neilsbutt
Mon Oct 22 05:39:52 CDT 2007

Pairings are attached as a pdf, or below as text.

Motor City Classic

Wayne State University

October 20-22,2007

Octafinal Round (Start Time: 8:30am)


Hillberry A      Michigan State Univ. BG (Aff)          Illinois State BL

Bush, R.          Cram Helwich             Palczewski

Hillberry B      Northern Iowa BB (Flip)        Minnesota HO

Repko, W.       Strauss, D        Stanley, J

Michigan State Univ. GK Advances Without Debating

Michigan State Univ. HS Advances Without Debating

Michigan State Univ. LM Advances Without Debating

Michigan State Univ. MS Advances Without Debating

Northwestern HX Advances Without Debating

Weber State Univ. CD Advances Without Debating


Hillberry C      Illinois HR (Flip)         Michigan-Dearborn NW

Foy, John        Baxter-Kauf    Guevara, V.

Minnesota JT   Minnesota MP


SC 277                        Clarion University SS (Aff)    Miami DM

Durkee, J         Peters, D.        Harr, K.

SC 261                        Northern Iowa (Aff)   Clarion University SZ

Spring, S.        Murillo, G.      Campbell

Awards will be in the Ballroom immediately following this debate.
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