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Kelly Young kel1773
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Although we've moved off the Halloween weekend, we kept the tradition of having a Halloween costume contest. We have now named it after Andy Timmons, because he's the designer/creator of the awards we give out. This year, the award is named the 3rd or 4th Annual Andy, "No, these really are my normal clothes, not a costume" Timmons Halloween Costume Contest:

3.    As V from V for Vendetta--Alice Walker, U of M-Dearborn
2.   Tigger--Debbit Lai, MSU
1.   Star Trek dude--Tom Glinicki, MSU

Speaker Awards:
1.    Ashely Devenport, Miami-Ohio
2.   Steven Mischel--UNI
3.   Mallory Morehead, Miami-Ohio
4.   Bob Bunton--U of Illinois
5.   Aaron Swanlek--Clarion

1.    Eric Ranz, Illinois 
2.    Nick Tourville, Minnesota
3.    Shannon Joyce, Minnesota
4.    Shanti Pothapragada, Minnesota
5.    Dotan Haim, Illinois

1.    Debbie Lai, MSU
2.   Athena Murray, MSU
3.    Ryan Cheek, Weber
4.   Ian Beier, UNI
5.    Katie Gjerpen, MSU
6.    Mike Jensen, Miami-OH
7.    Pat Klida, MSU
8.    Mary Gregg, Northwestern
9.    Drew Wallenstein, Miami-OH
10. Rachel Xanttopoulos, Northwestern

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