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2nd International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and the 
Pedagogy of Empowerment
11-12-13 April 2008
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The conference begins with registration at 1200 11 April 2008.
The conference ends with the closing ceremony at 1500 13 April 2008.

Last year over 120 people from 18 nations attended, over 80 papers were 
presented. This year, we hope to welcome more people to lovely 
Ljubljana. It is said to be the best city in Europe for ?lovers.?


We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers.

In Argumentation: Frans van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frans van Eemeren is Professor in the Department of Speech 
Communication, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric in the University of 
Amsterdam and director of the research programme 'Argumentation in 
discourse' of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. His research 
interests include argumentation theory and rhetorical and dialectical 
analysis of argumentative discourse.
Prof. Frans van Eemeren is internationally recognised researcher in the 
field of argumentation theory and rhetoric, as is visible by his 
numerous credits (keynotes, awards, guest professorships, translations 
into Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.); Supervised 24 doctoral 
students who all graduated; Editor and member of editorial boards of a 
large number of international scientific journals (editor of 
Argumentation, the most important journal in the field) and book series 
(such as Kluwer Academic?s Argumentation Library); Chairman of the 
International Society for the Study of Argumentation (ISSA); 
Administrator and experienced programme manager who also has experience 
in leading and attending international educational programmes (among 
others DASA and University College Utrecht). Acting director of the 
Institute for Cultural Analysis and director of the research programme 
Argumentation in Discourse (ASCA). Currently he is also a Guest 
Professor at New York University.
His publications include Studies in Pragma-Dialectics (with Rob 
Grootendorst, eds., 1994); Fundamentals of Argumentation Theory. 
Handbook of Historical Backgrounds and Contemporary Developments (with 
Rob Grootendorst, A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans and others, 1996); Logic 
and Argumentation (with Johan van Benthem, Rob Grootendorst and Frank 
Veltman, eds., 1996).

In Debate: Omar Salahuddin bin Abdullah, Multi-Media University, Malaysia

Omar is a faculty member at Multi-Media University in Malaysia and is 
recognized as the father of Asian debating. Omar first debated in 
University [Leeds, UK] in the early 70s [He says, "Badly! Too much 
manner and almost zero substance"]. Got involved as a coach/trainer of 
Debaters in the National University, Malaysia [UKM] in the early 90s. 
Teams that he has coached have won the Malaysian Nationals [Royals] 
twice (UKM and UiTM], the All-Asians five times [UKM, MMU and UiTM] and 
broken consistently at Australs.
Omar Salahuddin has also continued to debate: competitively, as a member 
of 'Team CWD' on the "adult circuit" in Malaysia, as a member of Team 
Malaysia [3-time winners of the All-Asian Masters competition, as a 
member of 'Team Chaos' representing MMU in the Australs in 2003 [Lost in 
1/4 finals to eventual Champions from Sydney] and in various exhibition 
and Model debates.
Omar claims that his 'important skills' are: An ability to navigate by 
sextant - day or night, having what it takes to make a mean Mexican 
chili, competent woodworking skills, the 'kiss of the Blarney' and the 
common sense to know when not to argue [with life-partners].

In Pedagogy: Catherine ?Kate? Shuster, Claremont Graduate School, USA

Kate has been a worldwide leader in understanding and applying active 
methods in the classroom at various levels. One of her areas of emphasis 
has been oral literacy and how it can be successfully taught. Kate has 
eight recent books to her credit and a number of important works in 
submission. She is perhaps best known for her efforts to promote 
debating in middle schools. Her work in southern California to promote 
debating in this age group has been matchless. The Middle School Public 
Debate Program is the largest and fastest growing classroom and contest 
debate outreach program for students in fifth through eighth grade. 
Since its inception in 2002, more than 10,000 students from Southern 
California communities have participated in the program, says Kate, who 
teamed with Claremont McKenna College's John Meany to create the program 
from scratch. Some of her work can be seen at 
http://middleschooldebate.com/index.htm . Her classroom debate blog can 
be found at http://teachingdebate.typepad.com/._
Kate was the USA National Debate Tournament champion in 1996 and has 
been a driving force in the evaluation and critical reexamination of 
debate practice ever since. Her pedagogical focus is demonstrated by her 
comments about the middle school program's expansion into the Los 
Angeles school district. ?This really is an opportunity to foster 
leadership and critical thinking skills, and encourage civic engagement 
among adolescents in the county?s most disadvantaged communities,? 
Shuster said.
Kate also has an outstanding reputation as a lecturer, and is known as 
one of the most engaging speakers anywhere.

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