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Art Kyriazis akbiotech
Mon Oct 22 14:26:32 CDT 2007

October 22, 2007

Re:  World Universities Debating Championship

Congratulations to Prof. Snider and all concerned on the successful
registration and attendance figures for this years' World Universities
Debating Championship.

I might note as a Harvard Debate alum, I recently received a fundraising
appeal from one of the harvard debate teams (this was actually from
their APDA team, not CEDA/NDT), and one of their points of success in
their newsletter was that they had attended the World Universities
Debating Championship that year and done well.

Consequently, not only is interest widespread, but the top schools are
sending debaters and they are noting participation in the event as a
keystone or highlight of their success, right along with going to

I would join with Prof. Snider in encouraging the growth and interest in
all international forms of debate, being myself of Greek descent,
Ancient Greece being the land where debate and critical thinking were
born so many years ago in the dialogues of Plato and the Organon,
Metaphysics and Nicomachean Ethicsof Aristotle.  As Socrates put it, the
unexamined life is not worth living.  But not merely greek
thought--logic and dialectical thinking were present in chinese, indian,
buddhist and hindu thought as well as many other cultures--world debate
will if nothing else lock us into this, and moreover, where there is
discussion and debate, there is less potential, overall, for war, strife
and destruction.  These were the ideals of the League of Nations and of
the UN.  Let us help them along.

--Arthur Kyriazis
Friends Select School Speech Debate Team
Adjunct Coach
American University, former adjunct travel coach
Harvard University, Debate Alum


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