[eDebate] Thanks to Vandy and a public apology to our judges

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Oct 22 15:09:51 CDT 2007

I want to thank ML Sandoz and the Vanderbilt program for hosting another
wonderful tournament. I felt like I was coming home again and my teams were
welcomed intot he Southeast debate community with open arms. The hospitality is
only matched by that shown by our brothers and sisters in the Midwest region a
few weeks ago.

Now for the apology-which is rare from me. As the Director fo Debate at the
University of Louisiana-Lafayette Debate program, I want to apologize to all of
the judges of the novice final and the J.V. final rounds. I am sorry that we
left immediately after the decisions were rendered. There was no disrespect
intended and only a need to catch the last flight back to Louisiana. I feel a
lot of guilt because the judges in both finals rounds are some of the top
coaches and debate theorists in the nation and my teams did not have the
opportunity to listen to their feedback. As a coach, it made me sick to my
stomach to know that I deprived my teams of a chance to ask Professor Solt
questions as well as to learn from the other distinguished members of the
judging panels. As  a program director responsible for getting students back to
classes for Monday, I had to make the difficult call and I hope any bad feeling
about the decision will directed toward me and not my teams.

It was my decision and I am the only person to blame. So everyone will know, two
of our debaters and my wife DID make the flight back to New Orleans last night.
We would have all made it, but apparently Brandy fits the TCA suspected drug
trafficker/terrorist profile. So, we got the "full search" treatment and missed
our flight. I just got in from the New Orleans airport and I am heading directly
to my Communication law class.

Again, thank you for hosting a great tournament.


Scott Elliott

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