[eDebate] Baylor Results

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Mon Oct 22 17:04:34 CDT 2007

This isn't everything, but here's what I have in front of me....
Open Speakers
1. Coleman- Wichita
2. Cross- Texas
3. Cochran- UNLV
4. Elson- North Texas
5. Boyle- Texas
6. Cauthen- Texas
7. Robinson- Wichita
8. Scott- Texas
9. Cero- Concordia
10. Burr- Trinity
Wichita def. Concordia
Texas BH adv. over Texas MS
UNLV def. Texas CK
UNT def. Texas CS
Wichita def. Texas BH
Finals (underway)
Wichita vs. UNT (Roberts, Thompson, Varda)
Climb to the top of the charts!? Play Star Shuffle:? the word scramble challenge with star power.
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