[eDebate] Wayne State Motor City Classic Final Results

Kelly Young kel1773
Mon Oct 22 18:00:48 CDT 2007

Greetings again--

Thanks again to all the schools that attended. We hope to see you all again next year.

Congratulations to Michigan State, Minnesota and Miami-Ohio!

OPEN 1/4s results:
MSU Lai & Murray over UNI Beier & Bonitto 3-0
Northwestern Hammervold & Xanttopoulos over MSU Gjerpen & Klatne 2-1
Weber Cheek & Dawson over MSU Bashaw & Gliniecki 3-0
MSU Hammond and Schrimer over MSU Mehling & Shore

OPEN 1/2s:
MSU LM over NWU HX 2-1 Butt, Tews, Peters*
MSU HS over Weber CD 2-1 Bush, Stevenson Young*

MSU Closeout--congrats to both teams!

JV 1/2s:
Dearborn Nierman & Walker over Illinois Haim & Ranz
Minnesota Joyce & Tourville over Minnesota Menseen & Pothapragada

JV Finals:
Minnesota Joyce & Tourville over Dearborn NW 3-0

NOVICE 1/2s:
Miami Oh Devenport & Morehead over Clarion Sturtz & Swanlek 3-0
Clarion Shokhba & Zachar over UNI Mischel & Schupick 3-0

Miami Oh DM over Clarion SZ 3-0

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