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Here is the invite let me know if you have questions


Dear Debate Community:

 We are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Baltimore College Debate Tournament
of the Season and what we hope will be a new tradition of a fall
championship tournament in the Mid-Atlantic. This tournament will be run a
bit differently than our previous or future ones so please read carefully,
as some important details will be in the letter and the invite.

In order to grow novice debate in the area we are experimenting with a new
format for the novice division at this tournament. Saturday we will offer a
4 round tournament with no elimination rounds. The thought behind this is
that we want to provide students an accessible and less weekend consuming
option so they can test the waters and see if they like debate before they
have to rush head long into it. Sunday we will offer another 4 round
tournament for those folks traveling and those who might want to stick

The Open division will offer 6 preliminary rounds and appropriate outrounds.
If entries exceed 20 by *November 17th* the schedule will be modified in
order to allow for a partial octa round. We will not offer a separate JV
division unless sufficient interest has been expressed by *November
17th.*We will however offer JV breakout debates as appropriate.

In addition to the normal goings on of the tournament, on Saturday we will
be working with the  Baltimore Urban Debate League College Access Program in
order to offer a college fair during lunch. High School students will be at
the tournament for a good part of the day Saturday looking to interact with
college debaters and coaches and to learn about options and opportunities,
so those of you looking to do a little more outreach and recruiting before
the start of the new year and the crunch of application deadlines this is a
great opportunity to make a dual purpose trip.

By the end of this week I hope to have a more definitive read on our new
hotel deal, however if it doesn't go through, the old hotel we have used
will work out.

As usual we will maintain our ethic of hospitality, and will provide
breakfast and lunch both days of the tournament as well as snacks and coffee
throughout the weekend.

We are excited to celebrate the culmination of a great semester of debate in
Baltimore and welcome you and your teams to the First Annual Mid Atlantic
Fall Championship.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org or 240-285-0843

 Andy Ellis
Executive Director
Baltimore College Debate

* *

*ELIGIBILITY & EXPECTATIONS*: The tournament is open to any two-person team
of undergraduate students. Teams in all divisions will be expected to engage
in switch-sides debating. Debaters without partners (mavericks) will be
paired up with other debaters with out a partner and will only be allowed to
compete without a partner at the discretion of the tournament director .
Towson may enter teams and those teams can clear in all divisions. Hybrid
teams will be accepted. Novices should meet the CEDA standards for novice
eligibility. Varsity is open to any competitor.

*ENTRIES & FEES:* Please enter via debate results www.debateresults.com, you
will receive a confirmation. Entry fees are $25 per team at the tournament
or $15 in advance. Advance entry credits can be purchased online at

*FORMAT: *The Open and JV divisions will have 6 preliminary rounds;
advancement to
elimination rounds will be based on (1) win-loss record, (2) total speaker
points, (3) adjusted speaker points, and (4) strength of opposition.
Speakerpoints may be given in .5 increments.

The first three rounds will be pre-set. Round 4 will be paired off  of
rounds 1-2 and round 5 will be paired off of rounds 1-4.Round 6 will be
paired off of 1-5 . Time limits will be 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep
time. Elimination round sides will be determined based on (1) reversing
sides from a prelim meeting, (2) individual coin flips.

The novice division will offer 4 rounds for all competitors on Saturday.
There will be no elimination rounds, however there will be an awards
ceremony in which the top speakers and teams will be recognized and awarded.
Round 1 & 2 will be preset and 3 & 4 will be paired off of all completed
rounds at that point. If the size and make up of the field requires it Rd 2
and 3 *may * involve teams from the same squad debating each other. While
this is not an ideal option if it is necessary we will let all coaches know
early and often.

As long as we have enough teams and judges we will also offer novice debates
on Sunday. This will be scheduled with the coaches that have remaining teams
and all efforts will be made to provide students with more round experience
while also providing opportunities to watch varisty rounds and to leave the
tournament when needed. Bottom Line-if you are bringing novice students and
they want to debate more than one day, we will make it so..

*The tournament will use the CEDA Resolution:* Resolved: that the United
States Federal Government should increase its constructive engagement with
the government of one or more of: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the
Palestinian Authority, and Syria, and it should include offering them a
security guarantee(s) and/or a substantial increase in foreign assistance.

The tab room will be open and public, coaches judges and teams are
encouraged to watch and participate in the process. The tournament will seek
ada certification and abide by ADA rules.

*JUDGES:* One judge is required to cover every two teams. One judge covering
one team is responsible for 3 rounds. All judges are committed to one round
past their teams' elimination.

A very limited number of judges may be available for hire through the
tournament at $100 per uncovered team. Contact us early if you need help
finding judges. Judges should meet the standards of the sanctioning

*HOTELS:* We do not have a hotel deal nor do we have a tournament hotel,
however a variety of options exist in the area. Go to
after august 27th for more information

This is the hotel we used last year

Comfort Inn $82/night, 8801 Loch Raven, internet, regular rooms.
 The Comfort Inn Towson is a wonderful hotel situated in a suburb setting
close to all the charm and history of Towson and the surrounding Baltimore
County. An overall atmosphere of serenity will delight guests when they
check in, for this hotel is well attuned to the individual needs of all its
visitors. The hotel features complimentary parking. In addition, area
attractions and venues that guests will want to experience are within the
vicinity, making it fun to get to know the area.
When it comes to the hotel's accommodations, guests will find everything
they want and need. With impressively appointed guest rooms that are well
stocked with the modern amenities travelers expect today, the hotel goes a
long way to make sure everyone enjoys their stay.
Adding to the overall pleasure of a stay here is the attentive and friendly
staff. Always professional, the knowledgeable staff is on call for every
guest needs and requests. The hotel is close to area dining, entertainment
and shopping venues.

If you have questions about hotels please feel free to contact me at
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org
or 240-285-0843. As progress on a long term hotel deal is worked out I will
post information about it.

* *

* *

*TRAVEL: *Towson is easily accessible from the I-95 corridor to the north
and south and from the I-70 corridor to the west. Towson is 100 miles from
Philly, 70 miles from Harrisburg  80 miles from Hagerstown, 60 miles from
DC, 70 miles from Wilmington Delaware and less then 50 miles from Bowie and
Annapolis. More information can be found here

* *

*PARKING:  *Parking is free on weekends as long as it is marked as such, we
will post parking maps on edebate and baltimorecollegedebate.org closer to
the tournament.

*FOOD: * We will provide snacks, coffee and water throughout the day. Light
breakfast and Pizza Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.

*Saturday 12/1
*9:00-9:45 Registration
9:45 Pairings Released for Round 1 & 2

10:00 Round 1
12:00 Round 2
2:00 Lunch/College Fair
3:00 Round 3
5:30 Round 4

*Sunday 12/2
*8:00 AM Pairings released
8:30 Round 5
11:30 Round 6
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Quarters
4:00 Awards
4:30 Semis
7:00 Finals
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