[eDebate] Clarion Tournament - directions #3

James Lyle jrlyle
Thu Oct 25 11:14:56 CDT 2007

I'm dumb...substitute "5th Avenue" for "Main Street."  322 and Main
Street are the same thing...


Subject: [eDebate] Clarion Tournament - directions, weather, & parking
> Directions to the Comfort Inn ? Get off Exit 62 on I-80 and go north
> approximately 1.5 miles. It will be just up over the hill and back in
> on the left. We will be there for registration from 11:00-1:30.
> Directions to Campus (from the Comfort Inn) ? go left out of the
> Comfort Inn and onto PA-68/Main St. you'll continue for roughly 2
> miles and then turn right onto Wood Street (your first right) ? go
> about ? mile and you'll reach campus (Wendy's is on your left, Hart
> Chapel is across the street on the left, and a sign saying Clarion
> University is across the street on your right).
> "Rochester directions" (south on 219 & 66 in PA) - If you're following
> "google directions" - they will bring in to the west of town. you
> have two options - (1) turn left/west on US322 and follow that into
> town, turn right on Main Street to get to the Comfort Inn (it'll be
> about 2 miles down the road on your right) or turn right on Main
> Street and then left on Wood Street (about 500 yards later?) to get to
> campus. (2) don't turn left on US322 and continue straight to I-80 and
> then go east two miles on I-80 to get to Exit 62.
> On-campus registration will be held in the lobby of Founders Hall ?
> When you come on to campus up Wood Street (from the hotel), it will be
> the second building on your left (next to Hart Chapel).
> Campus parking ? We'll have parking permits at registration (even
> though I doubt they are needed) but parking is available in the
> Carrier parking lot. As you pass Founders, turn left ? you'll see a
> lot on your right, you may park there.
> Weather ? 50-60s this weekend with a chance of rain. Saturday and
> Sunday will see the lows reach the 30s-40s.
> We're looking forward to having everyone in for the tournament this
> weekend and hope we can do everything possible to make it run as
> smoothly as possible.
> If we're forgetting something regarding announcements or you have
> questions/concerns/issues, please email me or call my cell phone
> (814-221-8150).

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