[eDebate] Harvard -- octos judges, pairings, rooms

Stefan Bauschard SBauschard
Sun Oct 28 23:14:28 CDT 2007

Rooms will be open @ approximately 7am.

Please flip and declare sides no later than 7:15

Essex North, Central, and South are on the third floor  


(1)	California BP vs. (16) West Georgia LS in the Ballroom

Feldman, Jonah
Strange, Ken
Hamrick, Kevin

Winner stays

(8) Missouri State MM vs. (9) Emory IP in Essex North

Reed, Andrea
Repko, Will
Wallace, Brett

Winner moves to the Ballroom

(4) Dartmouth KO vs. (13) North Texas CE in Essex South

Heidt, David
Holbrook, Sarah
Smith, Ross

Winner stays

(5) Emory HW vs. (12) Emory MS in 1125

Winner moves to Essex South

(2) Kansas BJ vs. (15) Kansas JS in Ross Commons

Winner stays

(7) Missouri State OW vs. (10) Mary Washington KS in 1122

Harrigan, Casey
Hoe, Josh
Lacy, J.P

Winner moves to Ross Commons

(3) Michigan FK vs. (14) Northwestern FW in Essex Center

Burke, Ryan
Frappier, Glenn
Heidt, David

Winner stays

(6) Wake Forest GL vs. (11) CSU Fullerton GM in 1119

Clark, Kathryn
Smith, Brian
Matheson, Calum

Winner moves to Essex Center


Semis in the Ball Room and Ross Commons

Finals in the Ball Room

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