[eDebate] Introducing the NDCA-L

Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Mon Oct 29 11:32:50 CDT 2007

The NDCA is proud to announce a new listserv for high school and college coaches to share information. This listserv will increase communication amongst us and allow us to share information that can assist our programs.
Any non-student that is affiliated with debate (directors, assistant coaches, hired guns) may join and participate on the NDCA-L. An individual does not need to be a member of the NDCA to participate in this listserv.
A huge thanks to new Board member, Mike Bietz, in his quick set-up and moderation of this listserv.  This listserv is not intended to substitute for edebate but to provide a place that is more geared to high school issues.  Certainly, college coaches/directors and college students who coach in high school are welcome to join.
To join the NDCA-L, please go here to sign up: http://lists.debatecoaches.org/listinfo.cgi/ndca-l-debatecoaches.org .
We ask that individuals please adhere to a professional code of conduct since many individuals will receive these messages in their school accounts. 
We also ask that any announcements/advertisements about institutes be limited to one a month and can only be made by institutes who are a member of this organization. Nonmembers of the NDCA can make posts on this listserv in all other fashion.
Tara Tate
President, NDCA
Director, Glenbrook South HS (IL)
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