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Sherry Hall shahall
Tue Oct 30 13:02:48 CDT 2007

In an effort to avoid answering each of the emails one-by-one, I have decided to post this message to the whole list.  The AFA website is screwed up.  It is charging people $180.00 instead of $50.00 to pay their NDT fees.  They have no idea why or how to fix it.  If you get charged the $180.00 send an email to Pratt.  He will issue a Paypal refund for th $130.00.  

To avoid the website challenges, you can send a check to my house.  Make it out to "The National Debate Tournament".  My address is 324 Franklin St., Cambridge, MA  02139


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  Hi Sherry, I tried to pay our NDT dues at the AFA site, but it kept trying to charge me $180 instead of $50 for NDT dues. I will mail a check to you tomorrow for Wayne State's fees. Just wanted to give you a heads up and hope this avoids the late fee--I tried to pay on time. Kelly Kelly M. Young, Ph.D. Director of Forensics/ Assistant Professor Communication Department Wayne State University 585 Manoogian Hall Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 577-2953 
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