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V I Keenan vikeenan
Wed Oct 31 10:22:28 CDT 2007

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If you are a former debater in Boston, we need your services!

THIS Saturday, November 3rd, there is an NFA-LD tournament at St. Anselm's
College in Manchester, NH a mere hour from Boston.  It is a one-day

NFA-LD is one-on-one college policy debate with plans, disads, CPs,
procedurals and everything you are used to.

The tournament is currently SHORT 2 judges to run.

So if you live in the Boston area and are free this weekend, we need your
help!  Please consider giving back to the community this weekend by helping
this tournament and debate opportunity happen!

Please e-mail the Tournament Director/Host, Dave Trumble at
dtrumble at anselm.edu if you are interested.

John Boyer
Director of Debate
Lafayette College
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