[eDebate] Mid Atlantic Fall Champs Announcements #1

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Oct 31 10:39:59 CDT 2007


1) Entries are enabled on debate results...or at least should be
2) I have added a JV division. It may or not make but we can decide that by
the middle of the month.
3) I want to use the Binghamton model for this tournament, novices should
mostly be people who have not been debating all semester, more a space for
one or two tournament novices and rookies, jv should be people who have
debated novice all semester and varsity should be consistent of jv and
varsity debaters, with three divisions on debate results this is adjustable,
but i think you get the general idea.
4)The people from the la quinta have still not gotten back to me hopefully
they will this week. I will notify you by friday of the progress.
5) Even if you are not from the midatlantic you are welcome to attend .
6) THIS IS IMPORTANT- we are really excited to host this tournament, but
given its proximity to thanksgiving vacation, we need entries in early, and
they need to stay relatively stable. The date mentioned in the invite Nov
17, is not a entry deadline, but it is the date by which we should know what
schools are attending and roughly how many teams you are bringing.

Thank youi
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