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I also want to thank Tuna and the entire Vermont debate squad.  The hospitality was great, especially the lunch on Saturday.


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  Thanks to Tuna, Helen, Nicole, David, and the UVM debaters for an outstanding tournament.  The competition was great, the weather was perfect (we'll give Tuna credit for that, though he then gets the blame for the fall foliage being late this year!), and the hospitality was outstanding.  As always, the LDU-made food on Saturday was magnificent!

  It was great seeing old and new (and old/new) friends!!

  Congratulations to Harvard, Rochester, Binghamton, and Cornell!!

  --Neil Berch
  West Virginia University
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    Thanks to everyone who came. We all appreciate those who are willing to 
    come north.

    Today the results are being sent off to Jon Bruschke as well.

    Special thanks to all who worked hard to give us a wondeful lunch on 

    Open Debate

    Harvard JW Jacobs & Warsh advance
    Harvard KF Kim & frankel advance
    Dartmouth AB Akrami & Butterly 3-0 over Binghamton RC Rodriguez & Crossan
    New York WS Wright & Henning Smedja 2-1 over Dartmouth RW Reddy & Wang

    Harvard JW 2-1 over Dartmouth AB
    Harvard KF 3-0 over NY WS (forfeit, illness)

    Harvard closes out

    1. Elizabeth Kim Harvard
    2. Alec Wright NY
    3. Jon Karlin Vermont
    4. Jonathan Warsh Harvard
    5. Eli Jacobs Harvard
    6. Cyrus Akrami Dartmouth
    7. Zach Frankel Harvard
    8. Ben Crossan Binghamton
    9. Jamie Verk Dartmouth
    10. Ashlee Vega NY

    JV Debate

    Rochester DB Diamond & Bach 3-0 over Bard/Vassar DC Dickerson & Given
    Cornell PH Pasha & Himmelstein 2-1 over Army CQ Chung & Qirazi
    New York AM Answare & Ma 3-0 over Bard SV Saxon & Vissering
    Binghamton WB Woan & Belly 3-0 over New York WO Willis & Ortiz

    Rochester DB 3-0 over Cornell PH
    Binghamton WB 2-1 over New York AM

    Rochester DB 2-1 over Binghamton WB

    1. Tansy Woan Binghamton
    2. Bert MA NY
    3. Ryan Bach Rochester
    4. Shree Answare NY
    5. Mike Dickerson Bard/Vassar
    6. Maryam Belly, Binghamton
    7. Ross Saxon Bard
    8. Ben Himmelstein Cornell
    9. Amanda Vissering Bard
    10. Ting Ting Tam Binghamton

    Novice Debate

    Army EX Elmonary & Xin advance
    Binghamton GT Grog & Torsiello advance
    Army CM Clibon & Maynard advance
    Cornell KC Karin & Crespo advance
    Cornell AR Abrams & Reid advance
    Army KN Khan & Nickelson advance
    Binghamton BS Brophy & Sebelle
    Army HM Hulen & McKinney 2-1 over Cornell RC Rathi & Chen

    Army EX 3-0 over Army HM
    Binghamton GT 3-0 over Army CM
    Cornell KC 3-0 over Cornell AR
    Binghamton BS 3-0 over Army KN

    Binghamton GT 2-1 over Army EX
    Cornell KC 3-0 over Bunghamton BS

    Binghamton GT 2-1 over Cornell KC

    1. John Karin Cornell
    2. Tianyi Xin Army
    3. Marnie Ritchie Vermont
    4. Scott Corbo Cornell
    5. Bill Sebelle Binghamton
    6. Jackie Abrams Cornell
    7. McKinsey Hulen Army
    8. Ariel Reid Cornell
    9. Nidhi Rathi Cornell
    10. Matthew Ullman Western Connecticut

    Worlds (our inaugural division in our region)


    1. H & W Smith A 13
    2. Rochester A
    3. Vermont B 12
    4. St. Johns B 11
    5. Vermont C 9
    6. Cornell A 9
    7. Vermont F 8
    8. Bard A 8
    9. H & W Smith C 8
    10. Vermont D 7
    11. H & W Smith B 7
    12. Cornell C 6
    13. Cape Cod A 6
    14. Vermont A 6
    15. St. Johns A 5
    16. Cape Cod B 4
    17. Vermont E 4
    18. Cornell B 2
    19. St. Johns C 1


    1. Jason Gershowitz Rochester A 428
    2. Arman Ismail Vermont C 427
    3. Ben Fultz Rochester A 422
    4. Alyssa Dechow H&W Smith B 418
    5. Elana Kwan Cornell A 417
    6. Danielle Bauman Vermont C 414
    7. David Hernandez H&W Smith A 413
    8. Ethan Nelson Vermont B 411
    9. Alia Belwood St. John?s B 411
    10. Sam Koval H&W Smith C 405


    H&W Smith A Hernandez & Thorson advance
    Bard A Lews & Bakhtiar advance
    Cornell A Stiteler & Kwan
    Cape Cod A Kirshaw & Nunnally

    Rochester A Gershowitz & Fultz advance
    H&W Smith B Dechow & Frolich advance
    St Johns B Jain & Bellwood
    H&W Smith C Kovan & Bennett


    First Place Bard A
    Second Place Bard B
    Finalist H&W Smith A
    Finalist H&W Smith B


    Top Policy Judge - Matt Farmer, Rochester
    Top Worlds Judge - Steve Llano, St Johns
    Friend of Vermont Debate - Sam Nelson, Cornell

    For more information about the Worlds division, go to

    Alfred C. Snider aka Tuna
    Edwin Lawrence Professor of Forensics
    University of Vermont
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