[eDebate] If you think Consult is bad...

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Thu Oct 4 20:17:07 CDT 2007

Just to discuss zomps concern.  The way you post, it sounds as though the students who are not adhering to the discipline of a bad 
and uninteresting topic are not also JV and Novice.  Is this not true?

This is about a difference in coaching.  I dont teach my kids that there are rules, but why people think there are rules.  The 
dowfall of the way I coach debate is my students never learn theory except through exerpience.   I choose to teach argument 
based on predicting what people will have their debaters arguing.  Or is this like being an underground criminal, and I am just 
teaching students how to be subversive and chaotic?

Here is the difference.  My students choose what they want to affirm.  If they want to affirm the topic, i will help them.  If they 
do not, I help them learn how to defend what it is they want to affirm.  The risk of losing is great, but the desire to participate is 
higher than in the "compete to win" scenario, at least this is my experience.

Different pedagogical approaches.



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