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Is this  "native american" you speak of the same one that made many racists 
slurs in  the bar about native americans, said "i am a 
native american" and than  many people exited the bar so they didnt have to 
hear his second gust of  racial slurs against indians.

Oh, no....
The first (and only time) I was in a bar with Swampy was at an SCA  
convention in San Diego. I still remember being completely stunned by his  description 
of the Donkey show in Mexico that him and his wife-to-be had just  observed. 
If you don't believe me, ask Marlow. He was there. The real  memory comes in 
the look that Simerly had on his face as the Swampster was  recalling the 
Also, it is always personal when dealing with Jackie. And it can turn  
Ahh...debate memories....

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