[eDebate] Richmond Tournament Announcement (1)

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Tue Oct 9 11:07:19 CDT 2007

Hi all,
We're looking at about 80+ teams as of now.
A few issues as the tournament approaches.
1. We will try to have prefs up late Wednesday early Thursday.  There will be some judges who have self-selected novice only or JV and Novice only.  We will provide that information with the pref details.
2. NOVICE TEACH-IN.   Plans are progressing--sessions planned on cross examination, critiquing, research skills, debating politics, and more.
3. FEES.    If you have an observer OR A JUDGE JUDGING TWO ROUNDS OR LESS, those people will be charged...don't be surprised by your entry fees when you arrive---check the number of rounds your judges are covering.  It might be worth the $50 to have your judges do at least 3--up to you.
Three programs will be receiving substantial assistance from us to attend the tournament.  To help us support these programs, donating a round or two would be a great gesture.  Just add the donated rounds on debateresults.
We break even on the tournament so any extra rounds will go to support these under-funded programs.
Thanks in advance--we are looking forward to hosting.

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