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We are looking for a swing debater for KCKCC. He's JV eligible, but could compete in open as well.
Dr. Eric Morris
Asst Prof of Communication & Director of Forensics
Craig Hall 366A, Dept of Communication
Missouri State University
Springfield, MO 65897
(O) 417-836-7636
(H) 417-865-6866
(C) 417-496-7141
AIM: ermocito, ericandtaleyna


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I would like to be able to open prefs by Thursday night to go into effect round 1.  If the judging obligations are not known by then, the pref sheets will be given out at registration and will go into effect by round 3. 

A couple things about judges.  If you have a judge restricted to 1 or 2 divisions and they cannot mathematically cover all of the debates they are signed up for, any judges you have with extra rounds will have that commitment added to their load.  If you dont have extra rounds to give, a fee will be assessed.  This is not determined by pref sheets but merely if there are enough teams they can actually judge prior to pref sheet considerations.

Qualified undergraduate debaters with debating eligibility may be used to judge in a division for which they are no longer eligible.  Of course, any such judge will be on the pref sheets.

If you have conflicts now known to me, please inform me asap.  You know who you are, and what constitutes a conflict. 

A number of you have judging obligations unfulfilled.  As per the invite, please do not assume hired judging is available.  The only schools to indicate they absolutely needed to hire through the tournament are Auggie and UNI.  I have them covered with our people.  Our people are also covering our teams.  No one else has hired judging through the tournament at this point.  If you think you need to, I must know by tomorrow at the latest.

Here is the judge breakdown per school:

Augustana--Covered (hire through tournament)
Central Oklahoma--short 3 rounds.
Emporia State--Covered
Illinois State--Covered
Johnson County--Covered
Kansas--short 6 rounds
Kansas State--Covered (amazing and kudos--11 teams!!)
Missouri State--short 15 rounds
Northern Iowa--Covered (hire through tournament)
Oklahoma--Short 9 rounds

See you on Friday!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate--KCKCC

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