[eDebate] Richmond Tournament Announcement (2)

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Oct 10 22:24:26 CDT 2007

We're looking forward to hosting you in Richmond.  Work hard over the next few days--the mental rewards will be intense and the physical awards (through octo-finals) are useful possessions and each debater that makes it to the final round (twelve of the competitors) will win an engraved redwood box holding a sweep-hand clock on a metal swivel.
A few additional announcements:
1.   NOVICE TEACH-IN PLANS ARE UNDERWAY!  Novices will have the choice to take two of six different courses (50 minutes each) on Saturday night:

		T. O'Donnell: 20 Tips on How to Be a Great Debater (with Bonus of "Top 10 Debaters of All Time)
		H. Hall:  flowing
		A. Brovero: how to master cross examination
		S. Gottbrecht and N. Richter: kritiking
		A. Ellis with tba: answering performance and other different arguments
		V. Keenan: "Debaters' Beauty School: Cuts, Highlights, and Extensions to Weave Better Rebuttals.  (Sample Perm, No Extra Charge)" 

2. Prefs are up--try to finish them by Friday afternoon.  The numbers will not exactly match up because the same counts are being used for all three divisions (and some judges only appear on the novice prefs).  You be able to get pretty close on the numbers for each category--do your best.
3. In varsity we will be clearing to a full octo-finals (no partial-double round).  We will not have rooms long enough Monday to have 5 elimination rounds and the Richmond teams cannot clear so plenty of spots will remain.
4. Let us know if you need more directions or anything else.

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