[eDebate] my Richmond updated judge philosophy -- please read

Paul Strait paulstrait
Fri Oct 12 02:22:25 CDT 2007

Hi Kevin,

Put me in the judging pool for Richmond, for all the rounds.  Also, my richmond-only judging philosophy is that I will give only zeros for speaker points and I will vote for the team that I think did the worst debating.

Since I will not be preferred, I am just going to stay in Los Angeles.  Please mail me my paycheck for judging at your convenience.  By the way, I am totally open to dialog about this, and I genuinely think freeloading is a good way to change the corrupt system.  Also I am an asshole.

(I'm seriously sad I can't make it to Richmond this year, its one of my favorite tournaments).

L. Paul Strait

Ph.D. Student,
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
Cell: 202-270-6397
Email: strait at usc.edu

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