[eDebate] my Richmond updated judge philosophy -- please read

Asha Cherian asha.cherian
Fri Oct 12 03:50:28 CDT 2007

If questioning your own assumptions doesn't negate self-righteousness,
nothing does.

I don't want to be struck by anyone at this tournament.  And there are
many teams who shouldn't strike me.  The likelihood is I'll end up
judging the rounds I would have judged before anyway (the Binghamton
versus Towson rounds).  And I'll decide these fairly, as I would have
according to my pre-Richmond judge philosophy: the flow.


On 10/12/07, Paul Strait <paulstrait at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  To be fair, I was actually trying to be 'offensive,' not 'defensive.'
> Perhaps I should have explicitly stated my belief that I thought you are
> committing theft and do not deserve to be compensated if you are universally
> struck.
> Asha makes some good points though -- when dealing with a hostile audience,
> it is a rhetorically defensible strategy to simply choose to be a hostile
> audience back, rather than trying to communicate your ideas in a way that
> might be persuasive to them.  That is obviously the way good dialog works.
> In real life, if someone doesn't like the way you are stating your point of
> view, under no circumstances should true students of human communication try
> to state their point of view in a different way; it is clearly better to
> simply refuse to listen to them back, to teach them the error of their ways.
> >Before I try to defend why this binary is bad, in my rounds at Richmond I'm
> going to role-play why this binary is good.
> Seriously, a little less self-righteousness please.
> Everyone should keep in mind that although this is a game, we should at
> least pretend that there is some connection to teaching young adults the
> strategies for thinking through life decisions and persuasively conveying
> the reasons behind those decisions to others, whether they are predisposed
> to agree or not.
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