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an oldie but a goldie.  from the September 15, 2002 issue of edebate.


my COOOOOL judging foolosophy: 

1. don't talk. 

i hate talking. talking is how da man uzez joo. don't be da man'z tool. first team to talk luzez. 

2. tell me i roxor. 

i KNOW da trooth. i am always right. tell me da right trooth. first team to argue wrong luzez. 

3. don't be a dabaitur. 

i hate dabaiturs. dabaitung is how da man pimpz joo. don't be da man'z ho. first team to dabait luzez. 

4. no theory. 

i know what the right theory iz. it iz da only one. don't say otherwize. first team to theory luzez. 

5. no kardz. 

i hate kardz. kardz iz how da man werkz joo. don't be da man'z butler no more. first team with kardz luzez. 

6. entertain me 

i like dancing bearz. i like monkey trix. dance, monkey, dance. 

peace, love, and justice, OOOOOUUUUT ya'll. 

Michael Korcok 

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