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road runner db8coach
Sat Oct 13 17:19:26 CDT 2007

OK, Andy, I think it is time to change the water in the.... ah hell, nevermind, you LIKE the water that color....

Did you read Mike's philosophy? Are you talking about the FIRST HALF of one line where he says, "If your preferred version of debate is performance-based then I may not be your judge of choice,"??? Did you read the second half of the statement that says, "but I will try hard to do right by what you do."?

This is the philosophy you think Asha is criticizing? Just how far to the left do you have to go to criticize THAT statement?

Now MY philosophy, on the other hand, most certainly IS an example of what Asha is criticizing. And I am more than OK with that. Her teams are welcome to strike me. No hard feelings on my part I assure you.

Bob Lechtreck

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  you know, aside from the stances you are mocking your judging philosophy is strikingly similar in its approach to many of the ones Asha is criticizing...

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