[eDebate] Solution to the Policy v. K Gordian Knot

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Sat Oct 13 11:37:22 CDT 2007

Josh identifies an important point where ?fairness? is in the eye of the beholder.  Depending on how the terms are defined and who?s looking at the system, we have remarkably different perceptions of who?s being advantaged and disadvantaged in the SQ and probably equally different perceptions of what would happen if we could turn back the clock to the mythical good old days without MPJ.
Perhaps the most unfortunate label is ?K-friendly.?  What exactly does that mean (in binary terms)?  Unfortunately, it encompasses an extremely broad range of argument styles and types that aren?t even mutually consistent with each other.  Critical legal studies has been supported as a paradigm for over a generation.  But we?re tempted to lump together traditional K, radical K, performance, alternative models of advocacy, different theories about what the topic is or should be or even if there should be one ?  In ay case, I can always identify myself as a member of a ?minority? community within the overall debate community as long as I define the terms to underline my uniqueness.
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