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Douglas Roubidoux roubidou
Mon Oct 15 07:38:53 CDT 2007

Damn, Jarman is getting old.....


On 10/14/07, Michael Korcok <mmk_savant at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Scott Elliott writes:
> "I know we all talk about the "educational value" of mpj and can ALL bring
> up the bugaboo of rogue judges. When I coached for Florida State University,
> J and PJ lost CEDA NATIONALS on a 5-4 decision. The swing vote? A Judge who
> voted on topicality even though Jarman and his partner kicked T in the 1NR;
> but the judge felt it was his duty to vote against a non-topical case
> regardless of the negative team's strat."
> So?  Steve Hunt voted against you all because you weren't whole rez even
> though Jarman began the 2NR with "We won't be going for whole rez.  They
> meet.  They are the whole resolution."  Put it behind you...  Get over
> it...  It was almost 20 frikkin years ago...
> That wasn't the worst decision on that panel: at least Hunt voted the
> right way.  Four frikkin geniusses lost their way completely.  It should
> have been a 9-0 for SMS: you all couldn't and didn't answer "advertising
> employs people. lying attorney ads still employ people who make and show the
> deceptive ads and who work as assistants for the lying lawyers, unemployment
> kills.  that outweighs the hurt feelings of a few lied-to schmucks.  vote
> neg."  Not rocket science there, swampy!
> Michael Korcok
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