[eDebate] the good old days?

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Tue Oct 16 14:21:03 CDT 2007

ditto on neil's comment: having mpj in junior and novice division is easy. I've done it many times. about the only thing I've found is that when you have judges that can only judge novice or junior--some of the pref'ing gets lower in those divisions simply because of the constraints on available judging.

jim :)
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Two things (beyond thanking Mr. Bryson and the Chief for raising these important issues!):
1.  Towson is hosting JV/Novice Nationals this year.  We at WVU are looking forward to competing there!
2.  I want to emphasize as strongly as possible that there is no technical reason that prohibits having MPJ in all divisions.  Every time we've hosted a tournament with MPJ, we've applied it equally to all divisions.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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  I support the Chief in this endeavor.  He is absolutely right, the novice and JV divisions do get leftovers.  I'm on of those that roughed it through and learned to debate in college and believe me, I debated in front of a lot of "leftovers."  Don't get me wrong, I debated in front of a lot of people that I, supposedly, wasn't supposed to (read GOOD JUDGES), but a lot of the times I ended up with people that I now question as being good judges.....at tournaments where the Varsity/Open division had MPJ.

  I also think it's important to support Novice/JV Nationals.  I don't know who is scheduled to host this year (Towson, WVU, Georgetown???), but I believe that it is a good and well-deserved endeavor.  Novice and JV competitors are often made to feel like second-class citizens of the debate community and supporting THEIR national championship really (in my own experience) boosts the want/need/drive to participate in the activity.

  I'm always blown away at the outpouring of novice debate from D7, D1, Rochester, Liberty, Vermont....the list goes on and on of the programs and districts/regions that put emphasis on novice/jv participation, however, we also lose site of the fact that these debaters 1) want to be in the community and 2) want to feel like their efforts are every bit important as the team that clears at CEDA.

  Yes, NDT qualifiers and debaters of that caliber do "harder" work, make better arguments, and generally have a better overall performance.  However, the only thing separating an NDT finalist and a novice debater is a few years of experience.

  Note, I'm not making "elitist" arguments.  I think the NDT is a great institution and I'm jacked up about going again.  I just think that the Chief is right in that novice/jv debaters get forgotten about in the area of "fair play."

  Donald Bryson
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