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Danielle Verney daisy_verney
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I heartily second everything that Dan said, and would like to add that every time the debate team had problems with the administration or Academy bureaucracy during my tenure (and some of you know how often that was), Admiral Crowe was right next to me, advocating for us and calling on other alumni to do the same.  
Busy as he was, he never missed an opportunity to stop me in the hall and ask about how the team was doing.  Occasionally he would make the long walk down the hall to my office and ask to see our new trophies or just to chat with me.  Not only was he a great man, he was a kind man and a good friend who will be sorely missed by me and by the Navy debaters.  
Fair winds and following seas, sir!

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Admiral Crowe, a 1947 Naval Academy graduate, the founder of the Navy Debate Team, former Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff, former Ambassador to the Court of St. James, and a mentor to a long line of good students and junior faculty members (because I was one of those junior faculty members, I specified that the STUDENTS were good...), passed away yesterday after a heart attack at age 82... 
Admiral Crowe was a continuous advocate for debate, both at USNA and beyond, and was proud to make the case to anyone that would listen that debate was the single best activity a student could engage in.  He once said to me (paraphrasing), "I have never seen a Naval officer have to make a free throw to save his career, or to save lives, but I have seen MANY military officers who needed to make a compelling argument to do one or both." 
A tip of the hat to the memory of a great man, and a great American.  Please keep the Navy debaters that Admiral Crowe touched in your hearts and minds.
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