[eDebate] Pepperdine - News & Thanks

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Sun Oct 21 18:00:37 CDT 2007

I want to second gordon's comments--except about the fire sale of whitman 
tubs. :)

we had a great time at pepperdine and the hospitality and kindness shown by 
the students and sarah and jon and terry and everyone was just great. this 
has always been one of my favorite tournaments and it continues to be.

my heart goes out to all of you dealing with closed residence halls, homes 
in real danger, and all of the chaos from these fires. the whitman team is 
here at a public library--the home we are staying out lost its power from 
the winds and we can see smoke in the hills surrounding the entire north and 
west areas. kind of ominous.

thank goodness everyone is safe.

I'll add one more thing--thank you sarah and jon for giving everyone a 
chance to express their views on what should be done about the tournament 
and for everyone handling the situation so calmly.

tournament rating: a+

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu

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I suspect many of you noticed the fires in Malibu that have made the
national news. These fires closed the Pepperdine campus and ultimately
forced the cancellation of the entire day of elimination rounds. A variety
of factors, including the lack of access to rooms and a large percentage of
the teams' evidence made this decision necessary.

One other factor led to this decision and should be noted by the community.
Despite having their own residences evacuated and with an uncertain future
of when their campus will re-open Sara Stone-Watt, her staff and students,
were remarkable about still expressing a willingness to continue to host the
event. She told remarkable stories of their students calling this morning
and asking how they could continue to perform their tasks at the tournament.
All too often we forget that we are guests on each other's campuses and it
was a morning like this that reminds you that some things are simply more

The Waves ran a great tournament all weekend and this latest display was
just further proof of how committed they are to running to a great event.
Apparently all of the Wave staff and students were safely accounted for and
in good shape. There are lots of details to be settled at later times
(rental cars stuck on campus and a 'fire sale' on a bunch of Whitman tubs
left behind), but at a scary time it is good to report generally good news.
Thanks again to Sarah and all of the waves for a great weekend, fires and


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