[eDebate] My first debate tournament

vac uous vacuous
Tue Oct 23 19:04:28 CDT 2007

"Darren Surch" is vacuous. vacuous. no college kid says "and for the
most part were 'pounding their chest' because of their superiority to my
partner and me in this round" ....and if so its from an inability to get laid....which brings us back to the first point...vacuous.

no college kid says "but if I have to be thrown in to get slaughtered again,
there is no way that I will ever come back" or "The community should examine
this practice...As a community, you need to send a message to those teams that are doing this"

this "community" should send the following vacuous message: suck it up, this isn't a support group, jackass...and while youre sucking...it up, write a fucking k block or something. 
And,what university does this vacuous surch belong to? bruschke's site doesn't know. its probably because hes made up.but, who would do something so stupid such as make up a fake debater, fake story, about a fake division for a fake complaint about the current state of fake debate? Its either Ross Smith or Chris Langone (who posted a lengthy support response to "darren" exactly 6 minutes and 51 seconds after darren's "ima little bitch"fest). it takes me 6 minutes and 51 seconds to find my johnson much less read a boring ass fake long message by some boring ass fake debater from who gives a shit university and then type your boring ass fake support response about the oppressive state of jargon in novice debate. if you have a problem langone say it, dont be a cocksmoker.

if this douche bag is real then my advice to you is...no one gives a fuck. use your tears to jerk off or something, atleast youll have something to show for it. im sure theres a website to help you "learn the ropes" for masturbating, and there wont be much jargon either. then, wipe off your chest, get up, and cut a fucking k block.

in short. cram it up your cramhole lafleur

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