[eDebate] Novice eligibility clarification for ADA tournaments

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Oct 24 11:53:12 CDT 2007

Although I disagree with this decision, the ADA has eliminated the
novice progression rule.


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If a novice team makes it to two final rounds, does the size of the
pool matter for automatic advancement to JV?  I know that the JV
division requires 20+ teams for the finals to count towards

The team I am asking about, in particular, advanced to finals at a
tournament of 8 teams and 11 teams.  It seems odd for finals of a
tournament of 24, 45, and 55 (Richmond, West Point, and King's) to
count the same as advancing in a much smaller pool.  If they do count
the same, I would be interested in hearing back-channel support or
displeasure for a rule change to make the current JV requirement of
20+ rounds the same as novice.

Justin Green
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