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AFF wins.  
Theory before substance.  In the hypo the neg lacks a justification for the point of comparison reverting to status quo v. plan after they established the disposition of the cp as unconditional.   It seems the neg  would be in a much better position to  make this strategic move if the status of the cp left them with some flexibility for moving to a defense of the SQ.  Unfortunaltely for them, in this hypo a rejection of the arg  results in the same outcome as rejecting the team. 

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The negative reads a PIC and says it is unconditional. The affirmative 
wins that PICs are unfair and says it must be a voting issue since the 
neg has denied themselves the ability to advocate anything else. The 
unique disad net benefit outweighs the case without the CP. The neg
reject the argument, we outweigh.

Who wins?

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