[eDebate] UCO - Needing a last minute judge hire

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Wed Oct 31 23:27:13 CDT 2007

Due to unforeseen and sudden challenges, Missouri State is looking to
hire 3 rounds for UCO. Hiring from someone currently on the pref sheet
is ideal. $25 a round, cash at tournament. If you can sell us 1-3
rounds, please backchannel. This arrangement is contingent on the
tournament accepting the shift, as prefs have already begun.

Eric Morris
Missouri State

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If you have already set your UCO prefs, you need to look again.  I 
inadvertantly forgot to correctly intialized the units for prefs.  You 
probably noticed that the categories were coming out wrong.  Please 
correct them before prefs close tomorrow night.

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