[eDebate] AppState Victory Comments

Kris Willis kristopherwillis
Sat Sep 1 15:32:06 CDT 2007

I normally stay out of these discussions, but this is to much!!! 
Better luck next year Michigan! Oh, and when you finish crying from the complete whoppin' y'all just got, feel free to schedule a "cupcake" game next year against some junkie team like James Madison (I couldn't help myself Mike)!

I am glad everyone just got to see what we here in Boone, North Carolina have known for a few years! AppState breakin records no one has thought that could be broken! Now I am not fullish enough to think "Football" success equals debate success, but perhaps we can have some of that $400,000.00 guaranteed money Michigan Paid us to Whoop their *** and use it for debate...a brother got to eat on some trips! 
Or perhaps as our predominantly "novice" team rolls to tournaments, those debaters in the ""real division"" better just watch their tubs!

Debate and football do have one thing in common here at App, we both know that when you want something done, you better do it YOSEF!
Go AppState!

Kris Willis
Proud Director of Forensics
Appalachian State University

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