[eDebate] Debate Class and coaching resources

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Sep 3 14:14:01 CDT 2007


I am making an online collection of debate coaching and teaching materials
available to the new programs i am working with and would be happy to take
any submissions people are willing to volunteer. I am interested in
syllabus, teaching practices, handouts, and whatever else you might think
useful. I will be posting them with attribution on debatecoach.org, and
perhaps in other parts of the bcd web site. You can send submissions to this
address, i am also interested in people who are willing to contribute new
material let me know.

I will be getting back to those of you who contacted me about evidence
programs very soon, i am getting everything set up, while trying to recruit
a bunch of new debaters and new schools, so i have not forgotten about you,
im just busily working to get it all together.

Thanks and see you all soon

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