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Mon Sep 3 14:47:45 CDT 2007

It has come to my attention that:

CEDA sucks. It's for hacks that can't make it in the NDT.


Go to the following website:  http://www.random.org/dice/?num=5.

Ask the computer to roll five random dice.

Then plug the formula into my Scott Elliott Random E-debate post generator:

1.  I
2.  We
3.  CEDA programs
4.  topic committee
5.  elite NDT programs
6.  Impoverished debate programs

1.  should revolt
2.  must resist
3.  cater to
4.  sell out
5.  teaching debate
6.  sucked into

Direct Objects
1.  overly narrow topics
2.  the need for broader topics
3.  topics that the average person can understand
4.  a topic that you can explain to a professor
5.  adminstrator's need to understand the topic
6.  semester long topic

Indirect Objects
1.  Harvard/Berkely/Emory/Northwestern/Kentucky
2.  CEDA/NDT merger
3.  sell-outs
4.  Michael Korcok
5.  Tuna Snider
6.  10 or less NDT programs

Random Hyperbole
1.  destroying novice debate
2.  domination has become complete
3.  travesty that has become policy debate
4.  further the interests of an elite cabal
5.  I call bullshit
6.  bitch of the NDT

With a couple of filler words to make the sentences work, here was my
first Scott Elliott random e-debate post.  Much more fun and original
than what you will actually find on e-debate!

The topic committee has sold out, I call bullshit on the 10 or less
NDT programs undermining an administrator's need to understand the
topic.  CEDA programs should revolt and create topics that the average
person can understand, the CEDA/NDT merger has created the travesty
that has become policy debate.  We increasingly sell out on the need
to create a topic that you can explain to a professor, the CEDA/NDT
merger has made CEDA the bitch of the NDT.  CEDA programs have been
sucked into the needs of the
Harvard/Berkeley/Emory/Northwestern/Kentucky needs for overly narrow
topics, making the NDT domination of debate complete.  Impoverished
debate programs interested in teaching debate have been hurt by overly
narrow topics, but Tuna Snider and I call bullshit.  I will no longer
cater to the demands of 10 or less NDT programs, we need a semester
long topic, I call bullshit!
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