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V I Keenan vikeenan
Tue Sep 4 15:44:45 CDT 2007

(cue lightning and maniacal laughter as you read the subject line)

Where do unselected debate topics go?  Who knows.  But lots of public thanks
to Scott Elliott for letting me pitch part of his original paper ideas to
the NYU higher-ups as the topic for the 3rd Annual Zuckerman Forum Debate &
Scholarship Competition. Also thanks to Scott for feedback on resolutional
wordings and other musings on the size of the topic and resources.  (It's
impressive what can get done when committees aren't involved).

NYU undergraduates will debate the topic "Resolved:  The United States
should substantially restrict the use of genetic engineering." (I know, I
know, 11 words - Massey would be overcome with jealousy if that pesky US
weren't in there probably).  Students in the competition will have 4
preliminary switch-side debates on our now unidirectional topic.  The top 8
teams move on to quarterfinals and are guaranteed a scholarship at that
point.  Students are competing for over $100,000 in scholarship money

Thought I'd let the community know, given there might be some interest in
how the topic plays out in debates.  It will be a bit more amusing as
policy, parli, model UN, speech, thespians, future politicians, future
doctors, and public speaking neophytes will all be engaging the topic in
front of an essentially lay judging pool.  If you have thoughts, comments,
or suggestions on what you think will/should happen with the debates or
training, I'd love to hear them. For the record, there's overwhelming
excitement and interest in the topic from those I've talked to so far.

(This will also explain the spontaneous stalking of Scott by the NYU debate
team this year, because obviously he's coming to the East for some novice

resident of the big tent, emceeing in the three-ring-circus

Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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