[eDebate] new debate tab program . . .

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Thu Sep 6 11:41:09 CDT 2007

well, sort of.

sta-xl plus is gary larson's program with an easy to use interface.

it has been tested at multiple tournaments this past year.

it will be available soon.

here's a screen shot.

yes, it is free. yes it works on windows xp, windows vista, and mac os x--you just need excel 2003/2004 (it might work in excel 2007 but we have not tested it on that).

some great features of the program:

--very intuitive--3 people with NO tab experience used the program with almost no problems. for experienced tabbers--everything is a quick mouse click away and the program maintains gary's emphasis on easy keyboard entry.

--virtually every feature larson has is easily accessed in sta-xl plus (judge pref'ing, pairing high-low, random, high-high, etc.); and _every_ larson feature is accessible by just right clicking to pull up the run line.

--print judge pref sheets to make on the fly changes at the ballot table

--ballots with messages including ability to state starting and ending time for the round

--easy pairing, printing of ballots and pairings, and recording of rounds with simple, easy to use dialogue boxes

--yes, there is a manual (and a great one with pictures) but we designed the program so you would not need to look at a manual

--yes, doubleflighting of ld/debates works

--easy to print lists of teams, entry confirmations to email people, speaker rankings, team rankings, judges, etc.

--a quick stats button to show you how many teams you have, rooms you need, judges you need, etc.

who did it? danny cantrell who tabs at many parli tournaments and is a great programmer did the coding; danny and I developed the interface.

has it been tested? yes. it has been used at about 15 tournaments over the past year.

what if I have a problem using the program? one of the cool things about sta-xl plus is that you can email the spreadsheet to another person and they can check it out and fix the problems you are having. during the first year of launch, within the confines of my schedule and access to the internet, I will help via email with your use of the program.

it will be available very soon and again it is free. danny is adding two more features (easy download from bruschke's site and ability to use judge preferencing for doubleflighted ld debate tournaments) and then it will be ready to go.

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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